History Society Programme

Kennington History Society

19-Dec-16Daniel Harris an Oxford Gaoler ExtraordinaireMark Davies
16-Jan-17Church Bell Restoration
Graham Clifton
20-Feb-17Annual General Meeting and Members Evening
20-Mar-17James Sadler and Me: How the first Englishman to fly enabled me to overcome lifelong height anxietyA humorous talk by Richard O Smith
24-Apr-17The Shocking History of Electricity in Medicine and SurgeryBrian Andrews
15-MayOxfordshire between the Wars Trevor Rowley
19-Jun-17No Corsets! The aesthetic and rational dress movements come to Oxford
Katherine Bradley
18-Sept-17Memories of the Vale: A lost way of life before the railways came to the countrysideJulie Ann Godson
21-Sept-17Annual Outing
16-Oct-17Early Oxford-Cambridge Boat RacesMark Davies
20-Nov-17Thomas Barnardo - “the Doctor”David Holt
18-Dec-17Rewriting history: Why disease has been more important than wars, kings and politicians
Eric Sidebottom
15-Jan-18Steam and Steel in the Vale of the White HorseTony Hadland

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