History Society Programme

Kennington History Society

21-January-19Morris’ Metropolis: The Motor Works and Transformation
of Oxford
Simon Wenham
18-March-19An Outstanding Stonemason Alex Wenham
15-April-19Rogues & Rakes & Live folk musicIan Giles
20-May-19Pagan & Puritans – the story of May morningTim Healey
17-June-19Wireless War SecretsJohn Beaumont
16-September-19Radley College archivesClare Sargent
21-October-19Our Boys 1914-1918: who were the fallen of one Oxfordshire valley?
Julie Ann Godson
18-November-19Anniversaries 2018Graham Horn
16-December-19A 17th century ChristmasTim Healey
20-January-20Portable Antiquities SchemeAnni Byard

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