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KGN_logo_redone2For over 40 years, Kennington Good Neighbours has produced the Village List every two years. This has contained information on the Churches, Health, Education, and Parish Matters, together with details of Clubs and Societies.

For many years it was contained on two sheets of A4 paper—now we have the eighth of these booklets!

Since the first booklet was produced in 2000, new houses have been erected. The Scholar Gypsy and the Garage have been demolished and Ross Court built in their place. There are new dwellings at the end of Poplar Grove and flats built on the site of the garage. Strode Court on Kennington Road has also been completed. 2007 saw the completion of the Fairways development. As well as this, small packets of land have been developed. In 2012 houses were built at the end of Simpsons Way.

This means that there are new residents. It is hoped that KGN will prove to be useful for them and also for the many for whom the village has been home for a long time.

  • KGN offers neighbourly help to all, especially the elderly
  • Where there is a genuine need we will find a volunteer!
  • Help is strictly confidential

Ways in which practical help can be given include

  • Transport for those without to local hospitals, Health Centre, Dentist, etc
  • Shopping, visiting, cooking occasional meals, etc.

If you know of someone in need of friendship or support, please contact Margaret Biggs, 01865 730353 or Send an email.

History of KGN

Kennington Good Neighbours started about 1966/7. Before that time there had been a small voluntary help group which by then had ceased to function.

Kennington Good Neighbours (K.G.N.) was set up by a group of people, mostly, but not all, representing the Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches in the village. The first Chairman was Mrs Irene Osborn-King.

Each group of around 25-30 houses had a Good Neighbour also living in the same group of houses – she/he would be the first point of contact for those needing any help or support. Cards were printed setting out the kind of things a Good Neighbour would be able to do if called upon. A “Village List” was drawn up containing details of all organisations and services. The cards and lists were delivered to each house in the village and were produced every two years.

In the early days the list was printed on 2 sides of A4 paper and was self funded. Now, since 2000, all information is contained in a booklet and funded by advertising. It is revised and delivered at two year intervals.

Other things have been started by K.G.N. – Meals on Wheels, Summer Holiday Activities for children and a “Solo” club for people living on their own – times change however, and these activities no longer take place.

Today the main task of K.G.N. is providing transport for older residents who need it to local hospitals,Health Centre, dentist etc. Requests for transport come from patients or carers and also, at times, from statutory bodies. Where there is a real need a volunteer can always be found.

People helping people is going on quietly all the time and it is because of the goodwill and willingness to help shown by so many that Kennington Good Neighbours is still in existence.

Barbara Boyne

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