Community Resilience

Winter approaches again, and it’s important to prepare for the short days, dark nights and cold temperatures. Look after your personal resilience and well-being by making sure that you have prepared well in advance. Here are some tips to help you get ready for winter, and they’re all free…

Message in a Bottle is a scheme offered by the Lions charity in Oxfordshire. It helps emergency responders or staff to know that you use medication or have medical needs, should they have to assist you. It’s a simple scheme: the bottle contains your medical list and lives in your fridge, whilst the sticker goes on your door to alert emergency personnel. Be a good neighbour and promote the Message in a Bottle scheme to your friends who use medication. The Emergency Services will look for the GREEN CROSS SYMBOL and find the information in the bottle which is kept in the fridge. 

Priority Service Register: – utilities companies, such as your electricity or gas or water companies, have schemes to help priority customers. Contact your utilities companies and ask about their priority scheme for:

·         parents/guardians/families with very young children

·         elderly customers

·         disabled customers and those with acute medical requirements

How does this help? If, for example, there is a major power outage your electricity company will know about you and prioritise supporting you whilst you are without power. What can they do? They can assist with hot meals or baby feeding, with home care equipment, even provide generator power if necessary.


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