Organisations and clubs

Looking for a new pastime? Wondering what Kennington people do of an evening or a weekend? Keen to play sport, participate in local affairs or research the origins of our village?

Then browse the types of village organisation listed on the right and use the links to find a group that’s doing what appeals to you.

Leaders and secretaries

If your organisation isn’t listed, you’re missing an opportunity to attract members, supporters, activists, audiences! We aim to provide links to external sites for every active group in the village. If your organisation does not have its own website, the village website can host a page for you. Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council to discuss your group’s needs.


If your organisation is planning an event, make sure it is listed in Kennington’s diary. Contact Roger Gelder to pass on the details. You could also share the event in the Kennington Connected! Facebook group.

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