Parish News December 2009

Kennington logoThe Clerk attended a meeting with Cllr. Fatemian, the Chairman and Clerk to Radley Parish Council and four residents of Radley and Anthony Kirkwood of the County Council on 19th November to discuss the speed limit from Sugworth Lane to Bagley Wood Road on the Oxford Road. There were a number of issues relating to additional concerns about the junctions. The Radley residents and councillors favoured a 40mph limit along that stretch. Mr Kirkwood advised that he felt a single limit was preferable but the decision would be made by the County Councillors on 7th January, 2010. The members of Kennington Parish Council felt that a speed limit which felt appropriate for the road was needed. They preferred a continuous 50mph limit from Hinksey Hill to Abingdon on the Oxford Road/A4183 unless the Police agreed that the 40mph limit was enforceable

The members of the Parish Council considered some correspondence from local residents that was critical of some of the recent decisions of the Parish Council. The comments were considered carefully and the Clerk would be responding to each individual. The members hoped that people would be able to come to the informal monthly office in the Village Hall held on the first Saturday of the month if they had concerns even if they did not want to attend a council meeting. There was always the opportunity for statements and questions by members of the public at monthly Parish Council meetings held on the second Thursday of the month.

It was agreed following a debate on the possible introduction of more trees in Kennington to get the advice of the County Council about planting in the road verges.

More people than ever enjoyed the “Carols round the Tree” and all the mulled wine and mince pies went very quickly. Thanks need to be given to the Rev Em Coley for allowing the use of the church, the Kennington (Oxford) Band for their excellent playing and St John’s College for the tree. The Chairman of the Vale of White Horse, Cllr. Alison Rooke, attended again and the collection of £175, made with help from Father Christmas, was donated to the Vale House Alzheimer’s Home.

Two grants were agreed from the next year’s community budget. These were £350 for the Kennington Good Neighbours as a contribution for the bi-annual village list to be published in 2010 and £200 for the Friends of Kennington’s Literary Festival in April.

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