Parish News February 2010

Kennington logoThere was a further discussion on purchasing salt bins from the County Council. It seemed that it might not be possible to be able to buy as many bins as was hoped. So the Clerk was asked to request five bins in the following locations; two to be located in Upper Road at the corners with Edward Road and Kenville Road, one in Playfield Road by the shops, one in Poplar Grove near the junction with The Avenue and one in Manor Grove. If the sites and number are agreed by the County Council, it is hoped that residents will respect the bins and use the salt only on pavements and the roadway, not on private driveways.

It was decided to meet the contractor who was working on the Play Area to find a way of tackling the problem of the muddy site. There had been some vandalism to the newly planted trees which will be rectified. There was only about a week’s work to do once the weather improves so it was hoped that the play area could soon be open. It had been given a new name. It would be called The Links Play Area. This would be shorter and more attractive than Playfield Road Playing Field Play Area and reflect the former use of the land as a golf course. A public meeting has been arranged to discuss the provision of a BMX dirt track in the village. It will be on 24th March at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. It will be open to all and it was hoped that the young BMX riders and their families would come along.

The Chairman arranged an informal meeting to discuss a new way of running the Annual Best Kept Garden Competition with a group of members from the Horticultural Society and other interested people on 1st February 2010. It was agreed that there would be a change in the procedures to produce the shortlisted gardens. The gardens and containers would be selected initially by local people. It was agreed that the village would be divided up into about six areas and the shortlisted gardens be selected by three people which would reduce bias. They would nominate up to three gardens or containers from their area for the shortlist. The date of the preliminary selection would be after 5pm on Friday 9th July with judging by external judges from 10am on Saturday 10th July. If you would like to volunteer to take part in the first selection please contact the Clerk.

Last year the Parish Council organised their litter blitz to coincide with the Oxclean weekend in early March. The poor weather last year meant very few people participated. Therefore this year Kennington will be having its own “KennClean Saturday” in the school holidays on Saturday 10th April. The Clerk will be at the Village Hall from 10am to 2pm to give out litter picking equipment. If you are interested in joining in please let her know beforehand. There will be more details in next month’s Report.

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