Have your say on new rates to help fund local infrastructure

Have your say on new rates to help fund local infrastructure

Released on December 15, 2016

From today residents in the Vale of White Horse can have their say on changes to the way funding is secured for new and improved infrastructure in the district.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will allow Vale of White Horse District Council to raise funds from new housing and business developments for infrastructure projects which support the growth of the district.  This could include new schools, transport improvements, flood defences, and community, leisure, and health and social care facilities.

The council is asking people to comment on:

  • Updated Draft Charging Schedule, including proposed rates for different types of developments and charging areas across the district.
  • Draft Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document – the proposed approach to collecting infrastructure contributions through CIL and Section 106.

The consultations run from Thursday 15 December 2016 until Thursday 26 January 2017.

For further information and to have your say please:

Planning Policy: Vale of White Horse District Council 135 Eastern Avenue Milton Park Milton OX14 4SB

Copies of the draft documents are also available to view in public libraries across the district.

Councillor Roger Cox, Cabinet Member for Planning at Vale of White Horse District Council, said: “The new levy will bring in much needed funding to contribute to the provision of the roads, schools, leisure facilities and community areas required to support new development across the district.  We now want to hear what people think of our proposed rates and approach to collecting the contributions.”

Notes for editors –

Once the consultation has finished, the responses will be made available to the Planning Inspector to inform the CIL Examination Hearing on 23 February.  The Examination will be conducted by Planning Inspector Malcolm Rivett.  If approved by the Examiner the new levy can be adopted by the council.

Once the levy rates have been adopted by the council, they are not negotiable.

Affordable housing will still be secured through Section 106 legal agreements, along with the necessary on-site infrastructure required to make the development acceptable in planning terms.

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