History Society Report – March 2013

Cake cutting at the History Society's AGMIn February the History Society held its Annual General Meeting. The Chairman opening the meeting said he felt the Society was at a cross-road because, although he was able to report yet another very successful year, many members of the committee had served since the Society’s formation in 2003 and some, including himself, were looking to reduce their commitment in the future. Treasurer Doreen Horseman reported the Society’s continuing healthy financial position and Membership Secretary Margaret Biggs said membership numbers remained constant. The Chairman thanked both officers for their work and paid tribute to Charles Swaziland, a strong supporter of the Society, who had sadly died last year. Then the retiring committee members with the welcome addition of Gerry Bowen-Thomas, Pam Johnston and Bob Johnston, were elected to serve on the new committee. It was also agreed at the AGM that the Society’s Annual Coach Trip this year scheduled for Thursday the 26th September 2013 would be a return to Portsmouth.

At the close of the Meeting the Committee was thanked from the floor and the Chairman added his personal thanks to the Secretary, Jean Holt, for all her support through out the year.  


As in previous years the formal part of the AGM was followed directly by a Members’ Evening.

On this occasion it was an illustrated talk by members Roger Gelder and George Ross entitled ‘Our Summer Visit to The Tower of London’. The talk covered both the history of the building and also the many famous people who were imprisoned there, and in some cases died there, over almost 900 years. The presentation appeared well received and as Kennington History Society is now ten years old the well attended evening concluded with the cutting and more importantly the eating of delicious Anniversary Cake baked by Mrs Suckling. ‘Thank you Kath’.


As we go to press members as looking forward to a talk by one of their fellow members David Butler entitled ‘Passport to Paris  : The Start of a Family Story’.


‘this month’


Statue of Alfred the GreatOn Monday the 15th April 2013 in the Methodist Church at 7:45pm local historian and popular speaker Bert Pridgeon is to give an illustrated talk on ‘King Alfred the Great‘. This should be very interesting as Alfred was born locally at Wantage and went on to become arguably the most outstanding Saxon King, reigning from 871 to 899. Considering the recent success in finding Richard III grave and proving the authenticity of the remains, perhaps efforts can now be made to find Alfred’s bones, although they were buried 600 years earlier. Originally in the Saxon Minster in Winchester the remains were later moved to nearby Hyde Abbey and are now lost!


‘next month’

On Monday the 20th May 2013 we have a talk by Richard Smith entitled ‘Oxford Eccentricity’  : How madly and badly the City and University have behaved over the last 900 years.

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