Parish News July 2011

Kennington logoThe Clerk wrote to the County Council about the problems of the school coaches parking early in the morning at Manor Grove waiting for the Matthew Arnold School students and causing inconvenience to the local householders. An officer came out to investigate and look at suggested alterative pick up points such as The Avenue but the County Council decided the main road was too dangerous. They would reinforce the message to the operators that the coaches should not arrive too early at Manor Grove. The Clerk had kept the residents informed and while they were not happy with the outcome they understood that the Parish Council had done its best to resolve the problem.

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Clerk met the Parish Council’s solicitor about the draft lease with the Playing Fields Association. It was nearing agreement with both sides and it was hoped to be able to sign it in the next few weeks.

There had been a number of meetings about the development of the web site. There was to be a new look to the site and it was hoped to attract more people to join the steering group. If you are interested please contact the Clerk. The group would be very interested to hear from young people and a person who may be able to act as a link with the organisations in the village to make sure the information was up to date. No programming or web site technical knowledge was needed to get involved.

The working group which was looking at the consultation document on the library changes met on 12th July to consider the consultation document on the Library Review from the County Council. They would be agreeing their recommendations for consideration at the September Parish Council meeting.

The Clerk had reported the damaged footpath in Rowles Close either side of the new development of two houses. There was confirmation of the work recommended by the Amenities Committee. One item was the refurbishment of the notice boards in the village. There was to be an investigation of the cost of having a water supply at the War Memorial so that the grass can be watered during a dry summer. The members of the Parish Council had undertaken to monitor the grass cutting which was greatly improved. The Clerk was asked to write to the County Council to find out if they would be filling the salt bins before the winter and if additional ones could be purchased. Also the County Council was asked for permission to install bollards in the verge opposite the War Memorial in Bagley Wood Road to prevent parking on the verge which was destroying the grass. The Parish Council was also looking for electricians who would quote for the installation of the Christmas Tree light this December. If any contractors were interested in this work can they contact the Clerk.

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