Parish News June 2008

Kennington logoFollowing a request by a resident at the Annual Parish Meeting, a resolution was passed at the Parish Council meeting to try to achieve Fairtrade status for Kennington as detailed in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Fairtrade Towns Initiative. It was hoped to set up a steering group to work through the stages of becoming a Fairtrade village. If anyone is interested in this project please let the Clerk know.

It was reported that after the heavy rain on 3rd June, the water in the culvert from Bagley Wood to Upper Road forced its way out of the pipe causing flooding in Kennington Road. The Aqua Sacs purchased by the Parish Council were lent to the Fire Brigade to prevent water getting into some properties. Luckily the Thames Water engineer working on the design to overcome the problem came out on site to see its impact. The Clerk talked to him and he said Thames Water hoped to be on site in late summer to re-route the pipe. The Clerk in co-operation with the residents alerted the Oxford Mail. This press attention seemed to produce some action within Thames Water.

The Play Area Working group had met twice since the last Parish Council. They decided on a major project at Playfield Road playing fields involving an extension to the pavilion and the play area. The Clerk was drawing up plans and the shortlist of preferred items for the play equipment manufacturers to make their proposals. Once that has been done it was proposed to consult with the village and then make applications for grant aid.

The Parish Council’s entry to the Villages of the Year Competition had been shortlisted along with fourteen other villages to attend a judging event on Saturday 28th June.

Thanks to the many people in the village who planted up the village flower baskets for the first time this year.

Following a resident’s enquiry, the Clerk had found out that Oxfordshire Highways offered a service to paint Private Access Protection markings if the site was suitable at a cost of £50 plus VAT. For more information please call 0845 310 11 11.

A pothole in Bagley Wood Road had caused a local resident to fall and break her arm. The Clerk alerted the Oxfordshire Highways to the problem which had been reported at least two times since July 2007.

There seemed to be some confusion about dog waste from last month’s report. The Parish Council asks that you please always bag it and bin it.

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