Parish News March 2007

Kennington logoThere was a report on Cow Lane and its use by Network Rail. The clerk had been in contact with Network Rail in Swindon. She had sent them all details of the problems and was assured that someone would rectify the damage to the lane and draw up an agreement with Network Rail about access to the railway. The clerk had also spoken to two workmen who were inspecting the crossing at Cow Lane. They said there was still a lot of work being done on the track and the lane might not be repaired until they were finished in the area. In addition the lane had to be closed for a few days as the clerk was alerted to a branch of a tree over hanging the lane in a dangerous condition. It was in the garden of the vicarage. The Diocese dealt with the matter quickly and removed the hazard.

A meeting had been arranged with the General Manager of the Oxford Bus Company for 20th March. This would be a joint meeting with the Bus Company, Oxfordshire County Council and Radley and Kennington Parish Councils to talk about the reliability issues of the 35 service. The County Council had also offered two additional Real Time displays to be installed in the new financial year. It was agreed that they should both be in the Oxford direction. One would be at the Upper Road stop in Kennington Road and the other at the Playfield Road stop in The Avenue.

The clerk has been in email contact with Pc Delaney about the problems of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage in the village. He was concentrating on observing the problem areas at night. He wanted to remind everyone that it was important to report any incident so the police were aware of the problems.

The tree planting for the Community Wood on the west field was complete with the hard work of the Earthwatch volunteers and a few local residents on 17th February. Work would now go ahead to prepare the second field and to raise funds. Planting would resume in the autumn.

Letters had been sent to the Vale about the litter in Sandford Lane and it was noticeably improved and about moving the dog waste bins from the alley between Poplar Grove and Sandford Lane to Sandford Lane and from outside The Tandem to the railway bridge. The condition of the footpath between Poplar Grove and Sandford Lane, the fencing along the footpath and the broken rail and poor surface of the raised footpath in Sandford Lane had been reported to Oxfordshire Highways.

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