Parish News March 2011

Kennington logoThe County Council’s consultation on the future of the Oxfordshire Waste Recycling Centres was available for comment until 4th April. The reason the County Council needed to look at the service was to move them nearer to the main centres of population and to respond to the reduction of use as more recycling was being done by the District Councils. They were proposing to close Redbridge once a new Kidlington facility was available in 2012. Redbridge would be refurbished which would take about a year. When it was open again it would be open for trade waste during the week and general waste at weekends and bank holidays. This meant that there would still be access for people from Kennington wishing to use Redbridge. The members of the Parish Council were concerned about the traffic that might be generated by the use only at weekends and bank holidays. They wanted to know if the entrance and exit to the site would be improved.

The proposed timetable was as follows:

  • 2011 Dean Pit was to be closed in September
  • 2012 Kidlington (New facility) was to be opened in about April and Redbridge was to be closed for refurbishment one month after Kidlington opens.
  • 2013 Redbridge was planned to be reopened (weekends only) in January/February and Ardley was to be closed in September
  • 2014 Banbury (New facility) was to be opened in November and Alkerton and Stanford in the Vale would be closed in December

Full details are available on the web site

The members were given an update on the BMX track. The Clerk had made an application to the Vale for third party funding and was waiting for the result before sending in the application to Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN). There had been a petition received from the BMX riders. There was still time to submit an email or letter in support of the application via the Clerk.

Continental Landscapes the new grass cutting contractors did their first cut of the highway grass verges and the playing fields in the village in the second week of March. They liaised with the Clerk about the work and the areas to be cut. The quality of the work seemed to be very good.

The Clerk had been contacted by Oxfordshire Rural Community Council requesting repayment of the grant of £2,000 as the Parish Council had not taken forward any work on a Parish Plan. As there seemed sadly to be no possibility of getting a large enough group of people together to take this forward it was agreed to repay the grant so they could be used by another parish.

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