Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter 11/06/2018

Here is your latest update from PCSO Zack Earl

Dockless bikes/ pay as you go bikes
We are getting an increase in calls about dockless bikes in the Kennington area. We understand that this is an annoyance for residents but this is not a policing matter. If you do spot an abandoned dockless bike, then get in contact with either the bike company or your local council.

Crime prevention advice – burglaries
Our area remains a low crime area but we have seen a slight increase in burglaries in other areas. We would just like you to think about your home security so have included some advice and arranged a meeting where we can give you further information and give you the chance to ask questions.

Make it difficult for the burglar
Home security is the best way to reduce your chances of being burglaries. A lot of burglaries are spur of the moment, carried out by opportunist thieves who don’t even need to use force – they get in through an open door, window or other easy point of entry and take their chances. The good news is that is doesn’t take much to improve security and put off burglars. Spending money on security measures can seem daunting but it’s a good investment, it will last a long time and can add value to your home.

Look at your home through the eyes of a burglar
If you think your home security looks poor, chances are so will a burglar!
• Are there place where they could break in without being seen?
• If you have forgotten your keys but can still get in, so can a burglar!

New South and Vale Facebook site
To complement our other channels of communication we have launched the South and Vale Facebook page. If you are on Facebook please visit and like/follow us.

Scams Awareness Month
Scams Awareness Month 2018 is taking place through June. We want to help you to identify scams and take action by reporting any suspicious activity! Some of the various Scams are listed below:

  • Fraudsters pretending to be from the police cold calling members of the public and telling them that their bank account has been compromised by criminals. The fraudster suggests that the person should transfer their bank balance into a ‘safe’ police bank account.
    • Fraudsters pretending to be from the police attending people’s addresses and retrieving the person’s card and PIN.
    • Members of the public receiving letters on bank headed paper informing them that their account has been the subject of a fraud. The letter advises them to transfer their funds to a ‘safe’ account and that an official will be in contact to provide them with a new card and PIN.
    • Fraudsters contacting members of the public requesting them to cut their cards in half because their account has been compromised. They are then asked to post the cut card to an address where fraudsters simply tape the card together again and can use the details to commit fraud.
    • Police advice is that if you receive such a call, end it immediately. If you have elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours, let them know about the scam.

Contact us
If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non-emergency number 101 or if it is an emergency then dial 999. You can also contact us via email . Please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters. To view information on your neighbourhood team visit the Thames Valley Police website at: Receive free local crime alerts and crime prevention advice by registering at today. This allows anyone who signs up to choose what updates they receive and how they would like to receive it. The Thames Valley Police Twitter account is kept up to date with what we are up to; please follow us @TVPSouthandVale

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