Parish News November 2007

Kennington logoThe Clerk and Cllr. Charlett met Berinsfield Community Business on 24th October to discuss further work in the cemetery off Sandford Lane. It was agreed to do the following schedule of work:

  • Cutting back vegetation to the line of the trees along the north boundary.
  • Removing the brambles and ivy on the trees near the gate to the alley.
  • Removing trees and shrubs growing on graves.
  • Work to the beech hedge on the east and south side and removal of self sown shrubs.
  • Clearing the elder around the central tree to expose the damaged headstones.
  • Cutting back shrubs on the west side by the path.

The Clerk had an email on 12th October from the agent acting on behalf of T Mobile to say they were undergoing a national network re-evaluation and could not confirm whether or not they would be installing a telecommunication mast on the Playfield Road Playing Field.

There was an inaugural meeting on 16th October of the Play Areas Working Group. The Terms of Reference were agreed and it was decided to undertake a site survey on 17th November and then produce a questionnaire for the different groups in the village and for inclusion in the Kennington Chronicle after Christmas. Following a site meeting with a representative of the company supplying the Flying Saucer which had been won by the Parish Council, it was not possible to find a site at the Village Hall for it without a lot of re-arrangement of the site. Therefore it will have to be stored and await the outcome of the review of the play areas.

The Clerk and Cllr. Charlett met a representative from Enterprise Accord in Cow Lane on 7th November. He was asked to produce a quotation for a 1.5m tarmac path from Kennington Road to the Otters Reach alley. In addition he was going to quote for hardcore to be laid to allow heavy vehicles to get to the railway line and a lockable post or barrier/gate to be installed on the railway side of the Otters Reach alley to stop unauthorised access.

Anthony Roberts, Oxford City Council’s Countryside Officer, had arranged an inaugural meeting of the Friends of Kennington Community Woodland on 26th November at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

The members of the Parish Council were pleased that so many people called into the Saturday Office in November. The next one will be on 5th January, 2008.

Finally the members of the Parish Council and the Clerk wish everyone best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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