Parish News October 2010

Kennington logoThe Clerk and the Village Warden met two representatives of Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) on 15th September at the Kennington Pool. BBOWT was concerned to monitor its condition as a wildlife resource following a survey BBOWT undertook in 2002. The Pool was owned by the Vale and BBOWT had contacted the Vale and they would welcome the support of the Parish Council and local people. It was agreed that the Parish Council would pay a small grant towards the Conservation Volunteers. They would be asked to do some limited work to remove fallen trees and overgrown bushes to maintain this valuable wildlife resource.

The road closure had been agreed for Remembrance Day on 14th November 2010. It would be helpful if local residents could find an alternate route through the village as Kennington Road would be closed from Edward Road and The Avenue from Poplar Grove between 10.30am to 11.30am to enable the service to be held at the War Memorial. There would be a contingent of troops from Dalton Barracks marching with the uniformed organisations.

The Parish Council approached the Vale to negotiate with them to take over cutting of the grass verges in Otters Reach and River View to remove any confusion about who was cutting which verge. A decision on this could not be made for the next season because of the Vale’s contract. The Clerk had completed the paperwork for the grass cutting contract for next season and had sent it out to seven companies. This season’s final cut had been made to the verges and the playing fields.

There was a final meeting with the designer and contractor of The Links Play Area on 13th September with the Chairman and the Clerk. It was agreed that the contractor should replace a number of shrubs and trees which had died. In addition shackles needed to be replaced on the nest swing and toddler swing and the toddler swing chains extended. There was also some work needed by the Parish Council to the large red slide on the bank as the foundations of the dry stone wall were being exposed. It was suggested that some rubber matting and additional soil and grass seed or turf be installed to build a safe way up the bank. The Chairman and Vice-chairman had installed the dog proof fence along the boundary with the Memorial Field.

The members elected Martin Feather to join the council until the next Parish Council election which would be on 5th May 2011. It was hoped that those who had expressed an interest would stand for election next May. The Vale confirmed that the parish had been de-warded which meant that instead of 7 people representing the north and 7 representing the south of the village, there would be a ballot for 14 people to represent the whole of Kennington.

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