Oxfordshire Open Thought

Message from Oxfordshire Growth Board:

Welcome to Oxfordshire Open Thought As part of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, are looking for solutions to three big challenges facing us as we plan for the future: how we will all live and work, how we will move around, and how we will tackle climate change.

We know the coronavirus outbreak has challenged society, forcing everyone to change and adapt how they work and live.

It is still unclear what this new “normal” will look like but some of the changes we’ve all made during lockdown life could create a better future for Oxfordshire.

More people are working from home, walking and cycling to get around and appreciating our public green spaces more than ever.

These changes, combined with the world-leading innovation ecosystem in Oxfordshire, could help ensure the county can emerge from the lockdown with a strong economy and more resilience.

In order to achieve that, we want to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise locally.

We’re inviting you to visit oxfordshireopenthought.org where you will find some more information and some starter questions for you to consider.

We’d encourage you to explore the site at your leisure and share the link with your friends/family/colleagues/partners so they can too.

You may agree with some of the statements or be totally against others – you can tell us your thoughts about any or all of the topics using the simple online form. You can use text, images and videos – whatever is most comfortable for you to get your views across.

Your submission will then be used to help draw policy ideas for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, and a summary report will be published ahead of the next formal consultation.

You will also be able to read and react to other submissions on the Open Thought website, creating dynamic debate and continuing the conversation.

Now it’s over to you: visit oxfordshireopenthought.org and help shape Oxfordshire’s future for the better.

Kind regards,
The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 team

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