Parish News – April 2014

Kennington logoJudging for the annual Kennington Garden Competition will take place this year on 4 and 5 July.

The Parish Council is developing an Emergency Plan for the village – if there was to be an emergency of some kind, be it a major transport accident (road, rail, air) or total or partial loss of main services i.e. electricity, gas or water or a building collapse – obviously let’s hope that the village is never put in this position, but if it was, a plan that could be instigated quickly would be of great value.

If there is anyone who feels they could help in in terms of their job such as doctor; Nurse; first aider; (eg St Johns, Red Cross), Farmer; plumber; electrician; vet; including volunteer groups – the list is endless. Please let me know.

Also anyone who would be willing to help use their 4X4 or generator; tractor etc, please contact me and I can then gather names and telephone numbers centrally.

The Council is complying a list of communal buildings that could be used as reception centres, so again, anyone willing to help out making teas etc and to bring along blankets, please let me know and I can keep details.

Several months ago now, a resident approached the Council enquiring whether it would consider purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the benefit of the village. The Council investigated this suggestion further and has decided to purchase one.

The Council hope that residents will get involved and set up a fund to enable more units to be purchased for the village.

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