Parish News – April 2016

Kennington logoYou may have noticed the great work carried out at both Playfield Road and Forest Side playing fields. The area at the back of Playfield Road playing field and to the side of Forest Side playing area work has been carried out to cut down the scrub and brambles making the fields far tidier and safer for children using the field.  It is planned that these areas be kept cut back by quarterly maintenance throughout the coming growing session.

The Links play area at Playfield Road playing field and the play area at Forest Side are ready for the good weather, with new sand in the sand boxes at the links and a good covering of new bark at both play areas.  The BMX track is also being refurbished during April, giving a better and wider track with the corners reshaped so that children can get the best out of cycling the track.


The Council is pleased to report that the village now has 4 public defibrillators. It is important that as many people as possible are aware of them and how to access them in an emergency.    If you need to use one of these units you must dial 999, give them the postcode which is plainly marked on the box and they will give you an access code and dispatch an ambulance.

Just a reminder where these units can be found:

  • Outside the village centre
  • Outside the laundrette at Playfield Road
  • Outside Kirlena House at the Oxford end of Kennington Road
  • Outside 16 Meadow View Road

A further Awareness Training session has been booked and is full but a third session is in the process of being arranged, if you would like to attend, please contact the Clerk for more details.


On a less positive note, some of you may have noticed an outbreak of poster sticking at bus stops and at Playfield Road pavilion, together with graffiti, if anyone has any information regarding this the Parish Council urge you to contact PCSO Claire Chavagnon on  07800702654 or ring 101.

A substantial reward is given for information leading to successful prosecution


Finally, the Council looks forward to seeing you at this year’s Annual Parish meeting on Thursday 7 April at 7:30pm

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