Parish News – February 2016

The project group set up to hopefully invigorate the sports pavilion at Playfield Road playing field is still interested in your views as the group needs to know what local organisations and individuals would like out of such a facility.  Funding for the project will be sought from regional and national organisations.

Would you use it if you could:

  • host your children’s parties there, with a facility opening out onto the existing play area?
  • have a cup of coffee and relax?
  • play cricket while your children play?
  • play football while your children play?
  • play table tennis – in door or out?
  • play other games?
  • attend art classes?

Please contact either Anne Feather on or Tim Gardiner on or give Anne a ring on 01865 421126 and show your support.

At January’s meeting, the Council awarded £150 to Kennington Whist Club to enable them to continue meeting each month in the Village Centre. The Council also awarded £115 to Kennington Horticultural Society to enable them to organise a talk in the Village Centre for residents.

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