Parish News July 2012

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Sadly the dry stone wall, as part of The Links Children’s Play area was vandalised during July leaving it exposing the maintaining wall for the slide. The dry stone waller who originally built it has been contacted and by the time you read this, the wall will have been re-built and will be as good as new.

The Links Play area is also in need of a little maintenance, quotes have been sent out and hopefully, and again should all have been carried out and repaired by now.

Many of you I’m sure ‘dropped in’ to the Thames Water information afternoon in the Village Centre on 22 August, regarding the Flood Relief work for the beginning of Kennington Road. This is planned to commence on October 20 – 27, when the main road will be closed.

It was decided a closure be best as it is the far safer option for the men working on laying the two pipes across the road and far quicker in time too – to have had traffic lights at the project could have taken up to 5 weeks. More on this relief scheme next month.

Despite the dreadful weather at the beginning of August the Oxford Conservation Volunteers came back to Kennington Pond to carry out more conservation work. Some 19 turned up on that Sunday morning, working through thunder and lightning and getting completely soaked. They cut down a lot of big willows which were overhanging the water, concentrating on the ones that couldn’t easily be reached from the bank. They also completed the second otter holt and covered it with lots of scrub, being really pleased that the one built in January looks like it is probably still there undisturbed. There is more to do, so maybe, if you couldn’t help out this last time, or the weather was just too bad to go out – you can offer a hand when they next come to the village, which hopefully will be each next year, when they plan to cut more willow, especially from the southern end of the pool.

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