Parish News – July 2013

Kennington logoThe Parish Council replaced defaced panels on the bus shelter opposite Sandford Lane and hope it will not need to replace any more. If you do see anything please let a councillor know.


The flower baskets throughout the village are looking lovely and thanks go to those watering them as they have needed a great deal of water during this very hot and dry spell.


By the time of reading this, traffic lights at the beginning of Kennington Road will have gone. Thames Water with its partners is hoping to complete the scheme by the end of August.


Parish Councillors met with County and District Councillors and the Chief Executive of Vale of White Horse District Council to enquire of what plans are in place to minimize the accumulation of rubbish outside Red Bridge Hollow.  The Council is assured that the rubbish will be cleared.  A 3m fence is also to be erected along the back of Red Bridge Hollow stopping anyone gaining access onto the field beyond to dump rubbish. It is hoped this will be up by the end of August.  A further meeting will take place, if no progress is made by end of September.


Sustrans has been contacted to request that maintenance work is carried out all along the cycle track/ pathway both to the north and south of the Tandem Bridge.


You may have noticed that the trees in Playfield Road playing field have had some maintenance work carried out, with some having to be felled and others cut back, keeping the field safe for public use.  A survey is being carried out of the line of leylandii at the top of Forest Side playing field to ascertain the safety of these trees and what work is necessary for the Parish Council to carry out.  Again you will be kept up to date with the Survey outcome.


From next year, the small amenity plot in Colley Wood, which is owned by Pye Homes, will not be maintained by the Parish Council.  Pye Homes has stated that its ‘intention is not to maintain this land area to the standard of a landscaped area, but to leave it with minimal disturbance to flora and fauna’.  It ‘will visit the site each year and carry out land maintenance works as deemed required at that time’.


The Parish Council has forwarded an invoice for work carried out on this land already this year, to Pye Home but they stated that ‘it is not our Company Policy to pay for any maintenance work carried out by others’ and returned our invoice. If residents have any complaints please contact Pye Homes direct on 01865 373903.


Oxfordshire Waste Partnership has been launching some campaigns over the summer, it was too late to inform you of the first two, however the final campaign regards promoting the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign and is giving away free leftover recipe books and providing information to help residents waste less food.  See for more details.


Finally, the Council has been reliably informed that the embankment reconstruction works on the Oxford Road, should be completed and the road re-opened after Christmas this year.

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