Parish News June 2012

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The walkers of the village will be pleased to hear that Footpath 13 – through Chandlings Manor School has been re-opened – which is great news for us all.

As promised in the March edition of the Chronicle, the Oxford Conservation Volunteers are returning to Kennington Pools on Sunday 5 August 2012.

Chris Skepper, the Task Programmer explained that the plan in August will be to remove overhanging branches at the southern end of the pool and build another otter holt at the northern end. They will be bringing their waders because they will need to get in the water for some of the work.

Any volunteers who would like to come along will be very welcome, as always. If you are interested in getting involved you need to be at the Kennington Pool at 9:45am. Chris will kick off the day’s toil with a short but vital safety briefing. However if you find this is just too early on a Sunday morning for you – you will still be welcome to muck in and help later during the day whenever you turn up.

If you are planning to come along on 5 August to help the Oxford Conservation volunteers, they suggest you wear old clothes and sensible footwear such as boots or wellies. Children aged 5-16 can be included if accompanied by a responsible adult.

The grass cutting in the village and cemetery seems to have caused some comment over late. The main reason, the Parish Council has been told is due to the weather – it has been so wet that grass cuttings have remained on the grass making it even more wet and difficult to cut the next time. Now that there have been several cuts made, this situation should improve. During last month it was so wet that one programmed cut had to be cancelled.

Several residents have reported on the state of the amenity area in Colley Wood. The trees are overhanging the adjacent property, with the concrete slabs raising some 2” in parts due to tree roots. The pavement also seems to be suffering. The Council is in the process of contacting the owner of this plot requesting the long overdue maintenance work to be carried out.

The Council maintains the grass cutting and general tidying of this area, which, by the time of printing will have been carried out for this planned visit.

On behalf of the Parish Council, I hope you have a great summer and that the holiday feeling that was so evident at the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations continues throughout the next few months. We hopefully see you on 5 August at the Kennington Pool.

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