Parish News – June 2013

Kennington logoRachel Grove, who organised last month’s visit to the flood alleviation works being carried out at the end of Kennington Road, would appreciate feedback from those residents who went along.

Please e mail her directly at


The Parish Council is replacing the defaced panels on the bus shelter opposite Sandford Lane and is hoping that this will not happen again.

If you do see anything please let a councillor know.


As this year, there is no drought, the annual flower baskets are now in place, around the village. Thanks go to the volunteers within the village who nurtured the young plants and prepared the baskets to go on display.  Thanks also go to the Oxford Garden Centre, South Hinksey, who donated the compost and plant feed for all the baskets.


During the month there have been some reports of dumping of rubble in Cow Lane, which the environmental officer has investigated.  Unfortunately on these occasions he could find no evidence as to who dumped their waste in this way.

It has all been taken away.

If you do see anyone dumping anything please let a councillor know, giving details of the time, date and car registration etc.  This can help the environmental officer in finding those responsible.


The young BMX track users will be very pleased to hear that maintenance work is soon to be carried out on the track in Forest Side playing field, with the corners being re-sculptured and new surfacing prepared for a more exciting ride.

There is also going to be a bench erected at the top of Forest Side playing field, near the track for all those who use and enjoy the field.


Kennington Venture Youth Club has been working hard to set up an internet café in the Club, with broadband together with computers for after school computer sessions.  The Club needed £10,000 to realise their project.  Three young members worked hard and raised £6,000 towards the cost and with donations of over £3,000 the Club needed £800 to reach its target.  At June’s Parish Council meeting, its members granted the Youth Club this shortfall, resulting in the Club now being in the position to purchase all the needed equipment.

The Council wish the Youth Club good luck with this venture.

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