Parish News – March 2013

Kennington logoTemporary EMERGENCY Road Closure – Kennington – Oxford Road

In last month’s Chronicle it was reported that the Oxford Road would be closed until 31 July 2013. Apparently an geotechnical engineer is looking at what the issues are and what the fix is going to be – once this has been determined they will inform us and update their webpage.  The Parish Council contacted the Area Steward (Oxfordshire County Council Highways) and it was her understanding that this work was to be carried 2014/15 and would take some 18 months to complete.  However she has heard that this is being brought forward – all depends on what can be done to stabilise it apparently.


Priorisation of the resurfacing of the main road through Kennington has taken place by Highways.  The following sections are in order of priority:-


  1. St Swithun’s Road to Kennington Road (including the footpath) scored high and is in the capital programme for 2014/15.
  2. 110 Kennington Road to The Avenue – this just missed out on the scoring as although it was high it was not high enough for 2014/15 so should be in the 2015/16 programme.
  3. Sandford Lane to St Swithun’s Road
  4. Upper Road to Kenville Road


The Highways department will be inspecting the road every month with big pot holes being filled for the time being.


The Parish Council are planning to meet with Cllr Rodney Rose soon to voice the village’s unhappiness, as the council had been led to believe that section 1 was to commence in 2013/14.


Kennington Pools

The Oxford Volunteers spent another day at Kennington Pools early last month.  Although the weather was miserable they did such a lot and put a full day in!

They removed lots of willows that were overhanging the water or had collapsed into the water.  They removed a couple of sycamores, but tried not to touch any of the hawthorn, alder or ash on the banks.  They also pollarded a few of the willows just above head-height so they will be easy to re-pollard in future.


The Parish council has booked them again during the summer to repair the dipping platforms.


As part of the Community Governance Review, the Parish Council has requested a boundary change to the Parish to include the Sandford Lane Industrial Estate together with Sanford Lane and Car Park by the river.  At present this area is in the parish of Radley, but it was felt that this area directly affected Kennington more than Radley.


A resident raised a concern about litter in the village and by the river. The Parish Council will keep an eye on this.

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