Parish News October 2012

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Following on from last month’s article about the play areas in both Forest Side and Playfield Road, by the time you are reading this, the recommendations made by RoSPA in it’s annual report will have been carried out, making these areas as safe as they can be. I would very much appreciate you letting me know if you notice anything in need of sorting, however the Village’s Play Area Warden will have more than likely already spotted it!

The graffiti on the columns under the fly-over bridge is coming ever nearer to the top of the Highways Department’s list. They plan to paint the columns with special anti-graffiti paint, making all future defacing easier to remedy.

Local residents of Colley Wood will have noticed that works have been carried out to the paving on the amenity area in Colley Wood. Pye Homes Limited, owners of this plot of land has replaced the concrete slabs making the surface even as well as re-setting the lose kerb stones under the trees. This area is far less of a tripping hazard zone since this work has been completed and the Council has forwarded it’s thanks, on behalf of the Village to Pye Homes for their efforts.

A copy of Carers Oxfordshire’s quarterly newsletter can be seen on the Parish Noticeboard in the Village centre together with information of new training for carers who are caring for a family member with dementia. I have also left a few copies of application forms for completed for anyone interested, on the noticeboard too.

The village Footpath Warden was delighted to see that the County Council has provided a footbridge over the stream at the junction of Kennington and Radley, at the bottom of the Memorial field.

The major issue now is to get the Thames Trail path between the road by-pass overbridge and the Kennington Railway junction bridge to be improved to the standard that was done to the Thames Trail through the City of Oxford. This section of path is extremely muddy and has potholes. The Footpath Warden has raised this matter with the relevant officer at the County Council.

An additional road sign will be used this year, when the Kennington Road is closed for The Remembrance Service on Sunday 11 November – it will be at the top of Edwards Road, informing drivers that they need to turn right, as in previous years drivers through Kennington have been assuming that there is an alternative route through the Village.

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