Parish News – September 2013

Kennington logoThe inspection of the line of leylandii at the top of Forest Side playing field has identified the trees to be showing signs of branch failure.  It has been recommended that the Council reduce the height of these trees by 30%.  As this work is classed as urgent, by the time this article goes to print the tree works will be completed.  As occupiers of this playing field, the Council is responsible for these trees and when hazardous trees are identified, suitable remedial action must be taken to reduce risk.

The row of cypress trees at the rear of the pavilion at Forest Side playing field has also been inspected and a similar recommendation to reduce the height of the trees has been made. However, this is not seen as such an urgent job so will be carried out within the next two years.


The Council is on the lookout for a replacement Village Warden to continue the good work Mr Pope has carried out around the village over the past 12 years. If you have 6 or 7 hours a week to spare and would like to contribute to village life by keeping the streets of Kennington and the area around the village hall and car park free from litter please contact me.


The Vale of White Horse District Council expect work to take place shortly on clearing and planting grass seed on the bank adjacent to the road verge by the entrance to Red Bridge Hollow.  The Vale is in communication with both the City and County Councils with regard to the 3m fence planned to be erected along the back of Red Bridge Hollow to stop anyone gaining access onto the field beyond to dump rubbish. The Parish Council is disappointed that this is not already in place as it was promised by the end of August.  A further meeting will take place, if no progress is made by end of September.


Sustrans has cut back the vegetation along the cycle track/ pathway both to the north and south of the Tandem Bridge enabling people to pass one another and a request has been put in to see whether a gate or equivalent can be reinstated at Sandford Lane, as apparently originally there was a gate at the end of the track.


Finally, the Council is very pleased to report that the BMX track has been refurbished, (work carried out 16 September) including the start hill re-alignment and the corner re-shaping.  This should make it more exciting for the enthusiasts using this track which has always been well frequented.

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