Sandford Hydro – April Updates

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Here’s the news from the April newsletter.,,
1. Main structure looking good
The section of the Weir that will house the Archimedes screws is almost ready. We have now completed the main concrete structure. The next steps will be to finish the upstream entrance to the fish pass and to start preparing for the installation of the screws. You can see one of the channels where a screw will sit (at an angle) and the foundations for the fish pass below.

Please keep an eye out for anyone entering the building site without authorisation — we’ve found evidence of people being on site, which is really worrying. It’s not a safe environment for members of the public and certainly not a playground!  If you do see someone, please inform our contractors Fergal on 01865 300666 or 07530 260820.

2. Archimedes screws here
We were glad to see the three Archimedes screws being delivered to Sandford-on-Thames at the end of March. They’re looking very pretty in the water blue colour you chose in our poll last November. Watch one of the screws arrive!

The screws will be transported to be installed in the structure on the Kennington side of the Lasher Weir in early May. They will be floated on pontoons from the Wharf at Sandford, along the top of the island, to the Weir.

We flagged up when we put together our project timelines last year that during that time the pedestrian footbridge on the island will have to be removed temporarily. This will be for a maximum of four weeks, hopefully less, some time after the first May bank holiday. Maps with more information for those using the footpaths in the area have already gone up; you can also download a map from our Sandford Hydro Project Updates web page.


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