Parish News September 2010

Kennington logoThe new play warden started work on 26th July. He would be responsible for ensuring the Links and the Forest Side play areas were litter free and the bark and sand was raked and the equipment safe. Already there was a marked improvement at both sites. The mechanism at the top of Twinfly had become detached and the company Proludic had fitted a new unit. The cutting around the equipment and on the bank would be covered as part of the new grass cutting contract in the following season. Dog proof fencing would be installed along the fence between the Memorial Field and the play area. A handover meeting with the contractor had been arranged.

There had been no further information from St John’s College about the request for permission to install a dirt cycle track in Forest Side. There had been complaints that the litter bins had disappeared from the Forest Side car park. The Clerk had asked the Playing Fields Association to investigate and a replacement would be considered at the next meeting of the Parish Council. There had also been concern expressed that some young people had been camping overnight on the field. The Clerk and the Chairman had asked the police to investigate.

The Clerk had asked the Vale for details of the road sweeping standards for the village as some areas such as Colley Wood and Kirk Close seemed to have been neglected. All roads with kerbs should be swept every eight weeks. This would exclude areas such as Bagley Wood Road. If there was an area that seemed to have been missed it could be reported to the Vale via their web site or by calling 01235 520202.

A consultation document on using local referendums to veto excessive council tax had been issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government. The plan was that, if the Parish Council wished to set a precept higher than a Central Government limit, they would have to hold a local referendum. This was discussed by the Parish Council and it was agreed to object to this proposal as it was likely to cost Kennington residents at least £2,000.

The Amenities Committee met on 7th September. They had approved the areas of grass verge and playing field to be cut next season and considered the standard and frequency of cuts. The Clerk would be issuing the documents to the contractors in September with a deadline of 29th October. If any local company would like to submit a bid could they contact the Clerk as soon as possible. The Parish Council would make a final decision on 11th November.

The Saturday office was busy with many residents attending with a variety of issues. These included complaints of damaged pavements and roadways in Bagley Wood Road, Sandford Lane and Colley Wood. These had been reported and the Clerk had a call from the County Highways to say they would be investigated.

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