A4183 Oxford Road, Bagley Wood – update August 2013

To date

22 Dec 2012Road closed
29 Dec 2012Embankment slippage
Feb – Mar 2013Ground investigation
21 Apr 2013Report submitted
May – Jul 2013Design and procurement fast-tracked
26 Jul 2013Works begun


Dec 2013Projected re-opening of road (but see notes below)

a4183Aug13The dates above show that the A 4183 has been fast-tracked as urgent. There is a tremendous amount of work to do, including not only rebuilding the embankment and the road, but also adding measures to prevent recurrence. Services need to be reconnected, and all works need to avoid disturbing the existing Internet and telehone lines, which service much of South Oxfordshire.

The road is due to reopen in December, but if an unexpected problem such as new flooding occurs, it could delay reopening until Spring 2014.

For safety reasons, the hotel area is constantly monitored by automated sensors, although the Council does not expect a problem.

Updates including bus changes are available at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/repairs-oxford-road-bagley-wood-kennington.

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