Annual Report 2013-14

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Annual Report 2013-14

How much did your Parish Council cost you in 2013-14?

The precept was £74,806. This was the Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax for the year, a fall of £4296 in real terms, as the Council tax base decreased by £93.60 making a base of £1629.40 which is the amount raised by a Council tax of £1 (based on 1,731 dwellings).

It costs a band ‘D’ property £45.91 (the same as on 2012-13)

Regular Commitments         

  • Clerk’s and Wardens’ salaries
  • Maintenance of the playing areas
  • Maintenance of the War Memorial
  • Grass cutting of the highway verges
  • Grass cutting and maintenance of the cemetery
  • Maintenance of the paths and alleyways
  • Repair and cleaning of the bus shelters
  • Emptying the dog waste bins
  • Garden Competition
  • Carols around the Christmas tree

Additional spending in 2013-14

  • Major maintenance to the BMX track in Forest Side
  • Tree maintenance work at both Playing fields

Grants to Local Community Groups and Charities made 2013-14

  • Kennington Venture Youth Club                 £800
  • Kennington Village Centre                  £300
  • South and Vale Carers Centre                  £300
  • Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal                  £950
  • Helen and Douglas House                  £50
  • Oxfordshire Association for the Blind                  £150
  • Abingdon & District Citizens Advice Bureau                  £425
  • ENRYCH (Ryder-Cheshire Volunteers)                  £25
  • 1st Kennington Guides                  £400

More details regarding the Parish Council’s activities during 2013-14, together with presentations from both the Council and local organisations will be given at the Annual Parish meeting on 30 April 2014

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