History Society Report – January 2014

In December we tried something new, a ’Book Browse’ when Graham Kirby ACIB brought several crates of books recommended for researching and recalling Local and General History. Whilst enjoyed by those present, judged by the smaller numbers attending, this event was not as attractive to Members as our usual fare.


IMG-20140120-00100By comparison, the January Meeting, the first event of the 2014 Season, was very well attended and was a special event. Popular local historian, Martin Way, gave members a very entertaining illustrated talk entitled ’Britania Under the Eagles’ : The Story of Roman Britain. Martin was at his brilliant best turning up fully dressed as a Roman Centurion. Not only did he look the part, as usual, his talk was full of interesting facts about the 400 year Roman occupation of Britain.



‘this month’

It is that time of year again, time for the Society’s Annual General Meeting which will be held on Monday the 16th February 2014 starting at 7:45pm. The formal part the Meeting will be followed by a Members’ Evening when any Member can give a short talk on anything of an historic nature. If you are interested in participating please contact the Chairman.

It is intended to decide the destination of this year’s Annual Coach Visit at this meeting.


‘next month’

The History Society’s next event, to be held on Monday the 17th March 2014 at 7:45pm in the Methodist Church, 9339195980_67c7a0a649_zshould be of particular interest to many of our Members as it is to be a talk by Bill Mellor entitled ‘The History of Moreland’s Brewery’  Although now gone the impact of this popular local business on both the economy and social history of this area was considerable.





Kennington History Society talks are free to members with visitors welcome @ £2:50. Click here for further details and a membership application form.


George Ross

Chairman Kennington History Society

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