Parish News June 2010

Kennington logoThe Chairman, Vice-chairman and Clerk met the account manager of the grass cutting contractor on 19th May. He apologised for the poor performance in April and said their regular team were unable to complete their work on a two week cycle. He would be bringing in a separate mobile team to do the cutting in the village. There would be no charge for the first month. There is to be a follow up meeting on 17th June to review progress. In addition the Clerk had found out via the Vale and the County Council that the areas in Grundy Crescent, Meadow View Road and Poplar Grove had been handed back to the County Council in March 2010 and the Parish Councils who did the work for the County Council had not been informed. This came to light when there were complaints about the lack of cutting of the grass in Meadow View Road. The County Council had agreed to do some cutting during this season but it would be necessary to add the areas on to the Parish Council’s contract for the following year. The only grassed areas still cut by the Vale are in Otters Reach and River View and two small areas near Grundy Crescent. It was agreed at the meeting to ask the Vale if the Parish Council could do the work for a contribution similar to the County Council’s grant.

There had been a meeting of the Amenities Committee which had been revived to discuss issues relating to the management of the playing areas and the grass cutting contract. They want to work more closely with the Playing Fields Association especially since the new play area has been installed. It was agreed that a paid warden was a priority and there is an advert for this post in the Chronicle. The Clerk will be writing to the landowner of Forest Side to request permission for the BMX track and a preliminary meeting with the riders is to be held on 19th June to look at the site.

A number of members attended the briefing meeting on the new waste collection service on 19th May at the Vale. The service was to start during the week commencing 4th October. Leaflets would be sent out via the Royal Mail in May/June but would not go to those who had registered for the “no junk mail” service. So if residents have not seen the leaflet the Clerk has a supply. The new bins would be delivered in Kennington between 6th and 20th September 2010. There would be full details of the service with this bin delivery. The Collection Date for the whole of the village will be Thursday which would mean the start day is 7th October 2010. There was an issue for the collection of ad hoc waste such as at the playing fields as no black bags would be picked up. Churches would be offered the domestic bin selection. The Parish Council had been offered a set of bins for display in the Village Hall.

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