Live web chat about drink/drug driving


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Luigi Straccia (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley Police)

On Tuesday, 6 December there will be a live web chat with Ch Insp Henry Parsons, of the Joint Roads Policing Unit, who will be online to answer your questions about drink/drug-driving.

The session is taking place as part of the Thames Valley Police / Hampshire Constabulary month-long Christmas campaign against drink/drug-driving, which began on Thursday (1/12) to prevent the destruction and distress caused by motorists who drive after drinking or taking drugs.

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary are working together as part of the two Forces’ Joint Roads Policing Unit to deter and detect behaviour behind the wheel that puts lives in danger on our roads.

Drink and drug-driving is recognised by independent research as one of the ‘Fatal 4’ factors that result in collisions that cause people to be killed or seriously injured.

Whether it is about the legal alcohol limit, penalties for drink/drug-driving, how alcohol and drugs affect your driving, or something else related to drink/drug-driving, Ch Insp Parsons will endeavour to respond to your queries.

To take part in the session – anonymously – from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, visit the Force’s Cover-it-Live page.

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