Parish News March 2010

Kennington logoAt the start of the meeting, the members of the Parish Council had a question and answer session with two officers from the Environment Agency. They wanted to inform the council about their plans to replace the deck on the access bridge to Sandford Lock. The closure of the access to the Lock from Sandford Lane would start on 22nd March and last until June. There would be inconvenience for walkers and cyclists during this time. There was a more detailed report in this edition of the Chronicle.

There was considerable concern expressed to the County Councillor about the deteriorating surface on the main roads through the village. It was hoped that repairs would be possible in the next financial year from April 2010. The telephone number for reporting potholes is 0845 310 11 11.

The Chairman and Vice-chairman met the contractor TCL on site to discuss the progress of the Links Play Area at Playfield Road. It was agreed to install land drains. TCL would start again on 15th March to install them and do the final installation of the remaining play items. This would allow sufficient time to complete all the work by 31st March.

The day after the meeting of the Parish Council in February, the Clerk received a letter to say that QCS would not be taking on the grounds maintenance service from Enterprise. This left the Parish Council with no contractor for the coming season to do the highway verges or the playing fields. During the month, the specification was sent out and four contractors submitted bids. The company, ISS Waterers Ltd, was appointed to do the work. They were at present the contractor for the Vale of White Horse District Council so knew the area.

There had been letters from the Leader of the County Council, Cllr Mitchell and Cllr. Rose, Cabinet Member for Transport Implementation following the Clerk’s request that the 35 bus route to be moved from a priority two to a priority one route for winter maintenance. They informed the Parish Council that there was to be a review of the designated priority routes. This would take some time but they would be issuing a clear statement about what they could and could not provide during adverse weather following the review.

There was a discussion about tree planting in the highway verges. It was agreed that there would be an ongoing programme to enhance the village over a number of years. If any resident had a suggestion they could contact the Clerk with the location.

The Clerk had been in contact with the County Council’s Arboricultural Officer about trees which seemed to be in poor condition along the side of the Public Footpath No 3 near No 59 Bagley Wood Road. A request had also been made to get the footpath surface repaired or to allow the Parish Council to do some remedial work.

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