Parish News – April 2015

Kennington logoAs a result of last month’s request by the Council for a volunteer to maintain the War Memorial grass, a resident of the village has stepped forward to offer his services. This is very much appreciated by the Council. A thank you must also go to the volunteer who was looking after the War Memorial earlier this year until this permanent position was filled.
Staying with the War Memorial, the addition of the flower beds at the Memorial has really brightened it up. The Council thanks the residents who prepared the beds and planted the spring flowers, which are looking lovely.
The same cannot be said for some of the alleyways in the village. The Parish Council’s maintenance contractors could not carry out its regular tasks last month as a few of the alleys were too dirty with dog mess, with the Council having to pay an additional charge for the contractors to return with disinfectant and different kit.
The Council has put posters up around the village, mainly at the ends of alleyways reminding dog owners to clear up after their dogs, which, it is appreciated, most do. Remember that you can place your dog bags in any of the green or red bins throughout the Village, or in your own bin. Please do not place them in the hedges.
As part of the Council’s planned tree maintenance programme, tree work was carried out at Forest Side. The boundary trees along beside the pavilion were lowered by around a third, and individual trees were cut back as necessary.
During the month, more play bark was ordered, with the Play Area Warden raking in bark at both The Links and Forest Side play areas, just in time for the Easter holidays.


 The Annual Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 14th May at 7:30 pm will be followed by the monthly Parish Council Meeting and the Planning Committee Meeting.

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