Parish News January 2013

Kennington logoIn early January some of you may have noticed that a large tree was removed along The Avenue, opposite Grundy Crescent. A few residents have asked why. The Council was advised that the tree was disturbing the footings of a nearby house and as the trees along the verge are the responsibility of the Oxfordshire County Council it had little option but to remove the tree.

Temporary EMERGENCY Road Closure – Kennington – Oxford Road
As you are probably aware, the Oxford Road, at the end of Bagley Wood Road, is closed due to subsidence, at the time of writing, the Highways had issued an amended Road Closure notice explaining that the closure has been extended and will continue in force for the foreseeable future.

The Council has not been given any indication to date as to which part of the main road through the village is to be re-surfaced or indeed in which financial year, although it is thought to be this coming one, nothing has been confirmed.

The Parish Council continues to report pot holes and other issues within the village to the Highways Department for repair.

The village Footpath Warden prepared his annual report on footpaths in December, which was put before the Parish Council at its January meeting. The Council agree with Mr Parke’s recommendation that the priority for path improvement in the parish network is to provide a more hard wearing surface to FP 10 (Thames National Trail) between Kennington railway bridge and the Southern Bypass. Mr Parke is going to contact the countryside Access team of Oxfordshire County Council for their comment and action.

A meeting has been arranged with the Oxford Bus Company, and will have taken place by the time this report is issued. It is hoped that by giving the council an opportunity to express its dissatisfaction at the bus service, improvements in its reliability will result.

Anne Feather, Clerk to the Council

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