Parish News – July 2014

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You may have noticed that the red dog bins have now been removed around the village, including the ones by the playing field car parks. These bins, together with a few more, belonged to the Parish Council, who paid for their weekly emptying.

The District Council had, some time ago put stickers on the general litter bins, explaining that dog waste could be put in these bins as there had been a change in disposal arrangements. Now the cost of disposing of just dog waste, as opposed to mixed waste has increased considerably. It is for these reasons that the Parish Council arranged for its dog bins to be removed, replacing them with general litter bins where appropriate. So just a reminder to all dog owners, please use the general litter bins for your ‘poo bags’ – thank you.


A Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) unit which the Council ordered in June, has now been installed at the front of the Village Centre entrance – you can’t miss it – it is inside a big yellow cabinet! This unit is to help those who have a cardiac arrest in the village.

An awareness session regarding the use of this defibrillator, which any member of the public can use, has been arranged for Saturday 27 September 2014 in the Village Hall. You are all invited to attend.

A member of the South Central Ambulance Service will be there from 10:00 am until noon to take you through how the defibrillator works and how to use it.

There will be refreshments available throughout the morning.

It is hoped that this is only the first and that others could be located around Kennington. May be additional units could be purchased by raising funds within the village.


The Flower baskets around the village are looking wonderful this year and thanks go  to those volunteers who, earlier in the year both nurtured the small plants and prepared the baskets in readiness for Councillors to locate around the village.

Thanks go too to Oxford Garden Centre who again this year, donated all the compost for the baskets along with the necessary food pellets to keep the plants going through this hot weather.

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