Parish News May 2012

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The walkers in the village may have noticed that Footpath 13 – through Chandlings Manor School has been temporarily closed. This is due to an unsafe bridge on the property of the Chandlings. The Council is in correspondence with the Oxfordshire County Council to make sure that a diversion to this public footpath can be prepared so that local residents can enjoy the walks around our village. Sunningwell Parish Council is also concerned as this footpath falls within the Parish of Sunningwell.

The Forest Side Playing field is always busy with children playing on the swings in the play area, footbath or using the BMX dirt track on the top of the field.

It is lovely to see so many youngsters using the local facilities. The play area is having a well-deserved load of bark chippings spread around so increasing the depth of the bark, as over time it has been kicked and moved around all over the place.

The Council is carrying out an alteration to the BMX dirt track circuit as the children seem to be taking the shortest route back to the ‘start hill’ and using the side of the hill as the access point. The access point to the start hill is at the rear, as it is flat and provides an easier access especially for younger riders.

Although there are signs of wear, the start hill has been compacted in layers, however, the Council has asked the contractor to re-align the pathway in a direct line towards the start hill.

The Council agreed an additional grant last month which I do apologise I omitted from the list – that being:-

  • Kennington Parent and Toddler Group – £250 to help with installing a safety door for the Village Centre, so that little ones cannot just walk outside when the main doors automatically open.

The Council agreed one grant during May:-

  • Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust – £300 to help maintain the service that they provide in times of emergencies.

Finally, at the Annual meeting of the Parish Council when Peter Biggs was voted Chairman for the 21st time, he informed Councillors that this will be his final year as Chairman.

That gives the village just under 12 months to change his mind!

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