Parish News – May 2015

Kennington logoThere are vacancies on Kennington Parish Council for five Councillors to serve to serve for four years until May 2019, as there were insufficient nominations for the May elections. The five vacancies will be filled by co-option at the next Parish Council meeting on 11 June 2015.

The Parish Concil thanks the Councillors who have stepped down from this new Council, for all the time and energies they have given serving the village over the years they have been members.

Have you thought of becoming a Parish Councillor? More details can be found here?


Although the alleyways and footpaths in the village are well used by its residents, at this time of year it must be remembered that the growth of vegetation can be immense, especially when it rains! The Parish Ccuncil would ask residents whose gardens back onto, or abut, any alleyways to check that their garden is not continuing to grow into the alleyway. It must be remembered that it is the owner’s responsibility to cut back overhanging trees, shrubs and any overgrowing vegetation.

The Parish Council thanks those residents in advance.


The Council met with the Environment Agency last week, regarding the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme. At present, there is nothing to report, but the Council will keeoyou informed via the Chronicle and this website.


As some will have noticed, trial trenches have taken place at the proposed development site immediately south of Sandford Lane. Apparently this is standard procedure in the pre-planning period and should cause minimal disruption. The Council will keep you updated regarding this proposed development, again via the Chronicle and this website.

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