Parish News – October 2014

Kennington logoAt the recent Amenities Committee meeting the issue of trees overhanging alleyways in the village was brought up. The Council would like to remind residents that Under the Highways Act (1980 and as amended) residents are responsible for maintaining trees, hedges and shrubs within their own property that adjoin onto the public highway, this includes alleyways. The landowner is required to make sure that the vegetation from their property does not:

  • overhang the pavement/road so as to obstruct pedestrians or vehicles
  • pose an unreasonable health and safety risk to pedestrians or vehicles
  • block traffic signals or road signs
  • block drivers’ sightlines


SmartWaterThames Valley Police is recommending residents mark their belongings with SmartWater. Each bottle of SmartWater has a unique forensic code making marked valuables identifiable. SmartWater is only visible under UV light with no unsightly microdots. It is easy to apply and is almost impossible to remove.

You can get SmartWater kits from either Abingdon Police Station or by contacting PCSO Claire Smallcombe. As part of the kit you are given a deterrent sticker to put on your front door or window, which sends out a powerful warning to any would-be thieves as this is now recognised by thieves.


The Parish Council considered three grant requests at its October meeting: Oxfordshire Association for the Blind was awarded £150, The Prostate Project was awarded £50 and the Friends of Kennington Library was awarded £1000.

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