Playfield Rd Pavilion Rebuild – Feasibility Study – Public Consultation

Kennington Parish Council would like your views!

History of Playfield Rd Pavilion

 Playfield Road playing field was originally given to Kennington Parish Council for public use by F.A. Sutton Esq. of Coventry and F. J. Minns Esq. of Oxford in July 1962. The pavilion was constructed soon afterwards, and refurbished in 1995, with grant funding from the Sports Council and the National Playing Fields Association.


Looking to the Future

 The current pavilion has been well-used over the years, but now feels dated and does not meet the expected standards of the people who use the facilities. The proposed rebuild would address several issues, such as:

  • Increased parking provision
  • Utilising the waste land behind the current pavilion
  • More changing rooms, so male and female teams could both use the facilities
  • Accessible toilets and changing facilities
  • Outside toilet with dawn to dusk locking for users of the playing field and play area
  • Possibility for eco-friendly solutions, such as solar panels, grey water for toilets, underground heating
  • Light and airy social space, which could be hired out by residents

Proposed Designs

Please send your comments to the Clerk to the Council, 93 Kennington Road, Kennington, Oxford OX1 5PE or email


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